DEVILLE RECTIFICATION, blocs et plaques pré-usinés ou rectifiés en acier, inox et aluminium.

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The client is familiar with the Council’s Regulation (EU) No. 961/2010 concerning the use of sanctions against Iran and abrogating the rule (EC) No. 423/2007, the U.S. Iran Sanction Act of 1996 completed by the Comprehensive Iran Sanction, Accountability and Divestment Act 2010, and with similar rules and legal stipulations that had been adopted by other countries in this context, and of the group’s instructions prohibiting supplies to the Iranian oil and gas industry (collectively termed « Regulations »). The Client shall strictly abide by these regulations, save their direct or indirect applicability, and shall not sell products to third parties that it knows to ignore or get round the bans contained in these Regulations. The client is familiar with the legal stipulations and the regulations in force throughout the world and that govern the export of products to Iran and of the group’s instructions not to supply, directly or indirectly, any of the group’s products to the Iranian oil and gas industry (collectively termed « Regulations »). The client shall comprehensively abide by these regulations, save their direct or indirect applicability and shall never supply products purchased from the vendor to the Iranian oil and gas industry nor directly or indirectly get round these Regulations in any manner whatsoever. Failure to comply with this clause shall entitle the vendor to claim liquidated damages in respect of any expenses, liquidated damages, costs and losses incurred as the result of failing to respect the provisions of this clause and/or to terminate the contract or cancel the order concerned.